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Usual improvement
1000 visitors !!!
Version 2.2 :
  • Now, you can get your gamercard
Version 2.1 :
  • Translation in english of the "news" section (Thanks to UDGM)
Version 2.01 :
  • This version adds a link to the former Beta version, click here (only in french)
  • In order to avoid spam in my mailbox, your IP address is sent to me when you contact me by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Thanks for your understanding.
Version 2.0 :
  • New Web Hosting
  • Complete overhaul of my website
  • The generated image is directly displayed on the page
  • The new version adds:
    • a clickable link to your image just below this one
    • the sound that you hear when you unlock an anchievment on xbox360
    • a contact form
    • the choice of the language for the image
    • a visit counter
  • CSS problems related to Internet Explorer are now fixed
  • The new version displays your IP Address, the date and time
Version 1.1 :
  • Visual improvement
  • The most accentuation problems are now fixed
Version 1.0 :
  • Text and image are now unified
  • It's now possible to put the image in your signature and save it on your computer
Version 0.5 (Beta Version):
  • Create your own 360 achievement
  • You can't put the image in your signature or save it on your computer
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